Getting Started:
  To properly advise you and manage your investments, it's important to start with a plan.  It can be simple or more involved.  It's your choice.  Our goal is to build a longer-term relationship with you based on trust, service, and performance.  However, if you prefer, we can also develop a financial plan that you manage yourself.

We offer two main tiers of service so that you can make a choice that best fits your needs.

Full Service

Includes investments for retirement, education, general, and other purposes.  Includes mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and individual stocks.  Also includes cash flow and debt management assistance, tax & estate planning, and evaluation of insurance needs.  The full service tier is split into separate planning & management components:

  • Initial Investment Plan - A full individualized plan includes two comprehensive meetings and provides specific investment and financial recommendations.
  • Ongoing Investment Management & Financial Planning - This includes implementation of your initial investment plan and managing your investments for you.  It also includes quarterly portfolio reviews, concise quarterly summary statements & newsletters, annual account rebalancing, and annual review meetings with you.

Retirement Investment Services

Retirement Investment Services is a great "starter" option if you only need or want assistance with retirement investments.  This service includes the development and implementation of a retirement investment plan, along with ongoing management of your retirement investments.  Like the Full Service tier, above, Retirement Investment Services includes quarterly portfolio reviews, summary statements & newsletters along with annual account rebalancing and annual review meetings.  However, investments are limited to mutual funds only.  Fees are lower than the Full Service tier and you can always upgrade to the Full Service tier in the future, if you wish.

Hourly (a la carte)

A third option is to receive advisory assistance on an hourly basis.  If you find that you want independent and unbiased help answering specific questions or completing limited tasks, this might be a good option for you.  While not as cost-efficient over time as our other services, everything is fully-customized to fit your needs and fees are very predictable.























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