Silver Maple Financial exists to provide expert personalized investment advice to people of all income levels.  We are a fee-only (not fee-based) advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to put our clients' needs above our own, and we wouldn't have it any other way!  We are especially pleased to serve those who can't seem to locate a trustworthy, knowledgeable advisor with no conflict of interest.  Perhaps, you are one of these people. We believe strongly that everyone deserves access to this benefit and we're striving to help fill the void.

Many hard-working people often do not have the minimum net worth nor the investment portfolio size to work with most excellent-quality independent investment advisors. Many independent advisors will not consider working with people unless they have a minimum investment portfolio of $500,000 to $1 million. Many such advisors have decided that they either cannot or do not want to serve people with lesser financial resources. To the contrary, we believe that we can serve all investors and charge a fair straight-forward fee consistent with serving their best interests.  We know, first-hand, the difference good investment knowledge can make on, what we would call, a moderate-sized portfolio (one that many advisors would consider too small!).


Our investment philosophy favors what is commonly referred to as "passive investing," investing in high-quality, low-fee, no load (i.e. no sales charge) mutual funds and fixed investments that maximize income vs. risk.  We are free to work with any fund family, but prefer those consistent with this philosophy, especially ones such as Vanguard Group, which combine high-quality funds with low expense ratios and good customer service.




















































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