Our fee structure is clear, fair, and allows your investments to flourish without unneeded extra costs.  We have lower fees than most other companies because our overhead is extremely low and we don't have hefty management, administrative, or marketing fees.  Yet, we provide personal, expert, and trustworthy service--a great value for you!

We are a fee-only (not a fee-based) advisor, so are not compensated based on sales or commissions.  This is a very important distinction and can profoundly affect the quality of service you receive and the costs you incur.  Please click the link for an explanation of the difference between fee-only and fee-based advisors.

Fee Structure Descriptions

(Please click an appropriate web link below for specific fee amounts)

Our fees differ in structure depending on the service(s) you want:

  • A full service initial investment plan has a flat fixed fee.
  • Ongoing investment management (whether full service or retirement) is charged quarterly based on the total size of your investment accounts (i.e. assets under management).  The fees increase as your account increases, which means our incentive is to help your account grow--a very good thing!  However, as your account grows, our fees, as a percentage of your account balance, actually decrease.  You benefit from the efficiencies of your larger investment account.
  • Hourly services are, of course, charged at an hourly rate.

Please see each individual advisory service web page for specific fee amounts, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.
























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