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Thad J. Ackerman has had a passion for money and investments since he was a young child, with an intense interest in lemonade stands, vending machines, and cash registers.  In 1987, as a sophomore at The University of Michigan pursuing a degree in computer engineering, Thad bought his first shares of stock, 10 shares of IBM, the day after the October, 1987 stock market crash.  Ever since, he has been fascinated with the market, and the power it has to transform one’s financial situation for the better.

He left his job as a computer programming professional at IBM in 1992 to go back to school and become a mathematics teacher at the high school level.  After many years of informally helping colleagues, friends, and family with investments, many of whom were not getting the best service or advice from financial professionals they worked with, he decided to open his own business.  Silver Maple Financial was founded in 2007.  

Thad understands numbers fully—how to gather, analyze, present, and explain them.  His main strength is mathematics and communicating mathematics with people.  Conversely, some advisors’ main strength is sales, which does much more to benefit the advisor than the client.

Thad is currently a licensed financial advisor with clients in three states.  In addition to working with a variety of different investment clients, he continues to teach personal finance and advanced-placement (AP) statistics to high-school juniors and seniors.  Thad has taught many personal finance students about investing fundamentals and concepts such as dollar-cost averaging, compound interest, asset allocation, diversification, investing for retirement, and the impact of fund fees on investment performance.

In addition to classroom teaching, Thad has also tutored high school, college (undergraduate & graduate), and adult learners in mathematics, SAT & GRE test prep., and engineering.  This vast experience working with a wide-variety of people demonstrates that he has the patience, ability and will to listen, analyze, communicate, and explain.  Many other advisors are either unable or unwilling to do the same.

Thad's communication style is structured, detail-oriented, but also relaxed. He works to focus and highlight relevant details, but not get too uptight about ones that are less important. He sees a sense of humor as an invaluable asset to communicating.  Thad is excited to put his experience along with his knowledge and passion to work to help you form and meet your financial goals.

Formal Education

Master of Education (interdisciplinary--technology) (2005)
Cambridge College, Massachusetts

Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education - Mathematics (1997)
The University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering (1989)
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Perfect Score of 800 on Math Section of GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and Perfect Score of 800 on Math Section of SAT Exam

Lifetime Honorary Member of Tri-M Music Honor Society

Recognized "Cape Ann League Coach of the Year Award 1998" for Boys Varsity Tennis

Full Tuition Graduate Student Scholarships, merit-based, University of New Hampshire, 1993-1995

Member of Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society

Received McDonnell Douglas Engineering Scholarships, merit-based, University of Michigan, 1987-1989 




















































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