Thad J. Ackerman, MAT, MEd
Independent Investment Advisor

Personal Financial Planner

Would you rather get financial assistance from a salesperson or from an educator? 

Would you prefer...

  • ...a trusted ally who recommends appropriate investments and then completes the annoying paperwork for you?

  • unbiased advisor who listens to you rather than "pushes" you based on his/her own agenda?

  • ...a caring advisor who values your business, financial efforts to this point, and portfolio (no matter what the size)?

  • independent fee-only (not fee-based) advisor who receives no commission nor referral fees?

If you find yourself nodding, "yes" to many of these questions, please give serious consideration to how we may be able to benefit you.  We invite you to explore further and give us a call with any questions or to get started.

It's easy!  It all begins with a simple conversation or email message.  We look forward to hearing from you! 




















































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